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#2027theworldisinourhands will last for 2027 hours starting from July the 25th to remind us of the urgent goal to reach zero carbon emission by 2027.​


Why 2027?

1.5 degrees.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Special Report, the earth’s temperature can increase up to 1.5 degrees Celsius before we suffer catastrophic climate impacts.

6 years remaining.

Humanity, from burning fossil fuels with cars, heat, and others, emit around 42 Gigatons of CO2 per year, which means that from the year this report was published in 2017, we have 10 years left if we were to keep up our CO2 use to the level we do today.

100% Renewable.

2027 is the year we will suffer critical climate change if we do not act now. This means that we must achieve near zero carbon emissions by 2027. 12.3% renewable energy use, which is far from the 100% we need to achieve in the remaining 7 years.


While this goal of zero emissions by 2027 may seem far-fetched, with efforts from all of us and most importantly, governmental action, we can achieve this goal and avoid catastrophic climate impacts.


The challenge is simple: Show what you are doing to preserve the earth!


Take a photo of how you
are staying sustainable.


Tag three people on the Instagram
post to continue on the challenge.


Post on your Instagram story, and send us a screenshot so we can feature you!

Unable to participate?

If you are unable to complete the challenge, please donate $10 dollars to The Clean Energy Innovation program at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The Information and Technology and Innovation Foundation funds clean energy research and development. According to studies done by Let’s Fund, stimulating scientific innovations for clean energy is the best way to support the fight against climate change. Efficient and accessible clean energy will not only help developed countries in achieving carbon-neutral, but the developing countries as well.